Educating the members of the UC Davis community about dialogue and deliberation is an important component of our work at CDD. We build capacity for individuals and groups to engage in collaborative processes so they can effectively explore issues, bridge divides, resolve conflicts and solve problems.

Through workshops, forums and discussions, various groups and organizations within the university learn about the tools they can use to understand different viewpoints and the importance of constructive dialogue. Workshop topics include leadership, conflict management, accountability, crucial conversations and more. In addition, CDD compiles useful resources that relate to the process of dialogue and deliberation in many academic institutions and various organizations.

Please let us know if there is a resource or workshop topic you think we should include.

Can’t attend one of our scheduled workshop sessions? We can deliver one of our workshops to a campus department or office group of 15-25 participants. Please let us know if you are interested. We can be reached at (530) 754-7741 or

Workshops Slideshow: July 2014 Making Collaboration Work

Educating students.